**Please consult your physician prior to beginning this program or ANY other detox program.

Q: Where are classes held? 
A: This is an ONLINE guided program. So you don’t have to live in Chicago to participate. My coaching communication for this program is via Facebook Live and conference calls.

Q:  Is this program just for women? 
A: Absolutely not! This program is for men and women. My private one-on-one coaching practice focuses on women.

Q:  How is this different from other sugar free programs? 
A: Well, first of all you have chez moi guiding you through the journey. I don’t look at my approach and compare it to others, all I can do is offer my unique experience. Additionally, when I became a Certified Health & Wellness Coach a few years ago the most important thing I learned is that health is truly integrated from a spiritual and physical state. I’m not talking spiritual in terms of religion, I mean truly how you live your life, how you feel on the inside, what your love walk looks like. All of those things feed into how you feel about yourself, which in turn shows up in how you live your life. Food (specifically sugar in my case) can be helpful or hurtful based on the role it plays. We will go deep into this during the first phase of this challenge.

Q:  Is this program just going to be like school, teaching me what foods NOT to eat? 
A: Absolutely NOT. This will be a program focused on helping you create a well balanced lifestyle as it relates to your relationship with refined sugar. There will be a mindset/spiritual component as well as a physical/food related component EACH DAY of the program.

Q:  I get too many emails, what should I expect here? 
A: I heard that loud and clear! Some of the programs I did sent out daily emails and I just couldn’t keep up. What I plan to do is send you a “weekly guide” on the Sunday of each week. This will have everything you need for a full 7 days. So expect 3 emails TOTAL. However if I get some incredible new content or recipe I may send that out to you as well. I’m just sayin’!

Q:  What type of personal support should I expect from YOU? 
A: My heart and soul have been poured into creating this program. Since this is a GROUP program I plan to have a Private Facebook Group setup so that community is created and support is available. Additionally we will have 3 Facebook LIVE calls during this program so that I can checkin with you along the way. If you want a customized one-on-one program please consider contacting regarding a private program.

Q:  I can do this on my own by cutting out sugar in general, right? 
A: Well, maybe YOU CAN but I could not. You see there are so many places where refined sugar HIDES it was important for me to truly learn about them and THEN figure out how to manage my sweet tooth and cravings when they showed up. This program will help by providing easy to access alternatives to guide you through the whole sugar craving process.

Q: So, no sugar means going cold turkey? 
A: No no no! First of all as with any new nutritional program, you should seek the guidance of your primary physician prior to beginning. This program will teach you how to gradually wean yourself off of refined sugars, while still allowing for the awesome good sweetness packed in natural foods like dates and apples. As you begin to remove the processed stuff from your life you will actually be retraining your tastebuds. Trust me – a previous ice cream and candy fiend…it really does reset your tastebuds.

Q: Is this just another low carb diet?
A: This is definitely NOT a diet. In fact I won’t even encourage you to count calories during this program. This program will encourage you to remove all refined sugar and sweeteners from your eating plan. You will definitely still have carbs on this program but they will be made of whole foods with natural sugar i.e. a green apple.

Q: I’m training for a marathon – can I do this program? 
A: I would not recommend anyone training for an intensive athletic program do this program based on the low amount of carbs you will intake. If you do want to do this program while training I would recommend you contact me regarding one-on-one coaching so that I can build a custom program for your needs.

Q: Can I eat fruit on this program? 
A: Yes! I will guide you through which fruits are best to eat during this program vs. others. My overall goal (based on my experience) is to help re-train your tastebuds so that you desire less sweet tasting items including fruit. I remember thinking I could not live without different melons…now they are like eating cake to me in terms of how sweet they taste!

Q:  Is this a gluten free program? 
A: Yes, I found that removing gluten as part of my sugar free approach truly helped.

Q:  How can I do this program if I dine out a lot? 
A: Honey you are talking to a professional eater! My “TV” life requires me to dine out a lot. I have learned tricks to maneuver the menu and will be happily sharing those as part of this program.

Q: Am I only going to be able to eat salad and drink water? 
A: No! The recipes I send will have a variety of fun, easy to make food alternatives which are well beyond salad. I will also give you ideas and options for beverages whether drinking at home or out with your friends. No one has to know about your new natural sugar free challenge except you!

Q: Is this a diet?
A: While you should certainly lose weight just based on removing refined sugary foods from your eating program this is NOT a diet. As stated earlier I don’t recommend calorie counting or even weighing yourself (aside from start of program and finish if you want to track). I found that as I removed processed, sugar filled foods from my eating habits I actually ate more initially (veggies) because whole food doesn’t fill me up as quickly as processed junk packed foods.

Q: Should I expect the same results as my friend who is also doing this program? 
A: No. We are all bio-individual which means we are all different in the way our body processes food. So expect to see your own results based on your unique body response to the program.

Q: Will I have to exercise?
A: I encourage some sort of movement while on this program. Walking, jogging, light workout. Listen to your body and know what feels right vs. not.

Q:  Will I experience a lot of discomfort? 
A: Since you are removing refined sugar from your eating plan your body will definitely react. This is because the liver will be working hard to remove toxins from your body which were caused by sugar. Some common side effects include headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, breakouts, joint pain and even changes in digestion. DON’T WORRY – I will walk you through this step by step and provide advice to help ease these side effects.

Q:  What if I slip up and have something with refined sugar? 
A: Dust yourself off and try again…pick up where you left off. Don’t quit and don’t think you have to start over. YOU GOT THIS!!! No judgement!