Rochelle Trotter is a fitness focused foodie who inspires active women to live their best life without sacrificing by utilizing food as the ultimate medicine to achieve lasting beauty and body results from the inside out.

After a rewarding career in hospitality she had an “aha” moment when her husband died suddenly.  Her solution to the grief was sugar: loads of ice cream, chips and red wine! Working out ended — as did many relationships because she isolated. She was trying to heal her heart through sugar but slowly killing her body because she was sick at the SOUL level.

Her spiritual counselor encouraged her to “love yourself first” and that meant caring for herself using primary food (soul) and secondary food (what she ate).

She traded in her hospitality business to create a life focused on health: food, relationships and spirituality! Too much suffering engulfed her life with loved ones suffering from diabetics and obesity layered with emptiness. She had to use her talents to serve a greater purpose.

Rochelle went to school to study holistic nutrition and gained her certification as a Certified Health Coach with a focus on sugar free programs for women. She now creates wellness programs to help other women successfully attain their health goals using food as medicine — creating beauty from the inside out!