Happy New Year…Happy New You!

I wish you a very happy and love-filled 2019.

First of all let me begin by acknowledging that I have been “off the radar” in terms of this blog for quite some time.  As I hope you know by now I am 100% transparent and my truth is I was pulled in so many directions as of the Fall of 2018 I simply let my blog content fall to the side. There are no excuses as I know full well that consistency is the key to breakthrough in any endeavor and this one simply didn’t receive the attention it should have and that is unfortunate. You have my most sincere apologies, but I won’t say I’m sorry because that time away has taught me so many valuable lessons and I look forward to sharing that growth with you in the coming weeks.

What Happened Ro?

Well, I literally worked on several different endeavors which combined had me on full throttle almost 18 hours a day seven days a week.  The few hours I did get to lay down didn’t amount to sleep – instead my mind raced with things which needed to get done the next day. I tried to focus by working out A LOT which is how I tend to get back into my zone and do what needs to be done. It didn’t work. I will share with you what happened and more importantly the lessons I’ve learned which I believe you will find enlightening as I know I’m not the only person who has done such things.

Why Am I Back?

During the last four months when I ghosted myself and my own blog I learned A LOT about prioritizing my life to ensure I focus on things which I want to focus on REGARDLESS of whether they met with expectations of others. I found that over 80% of my time, energy, finances and efforts were being spent in pursuit of dreams which others placed in my head vs. what I kept hearing as a loud scream from my very own heart. Has that ever happened to you? Finding yourself so caught up being busy that you aren’t really alive at all when it comes to fulfilling your own hearts’ desire? So I am back because I knew I needed to course correct and return to my purpose: wellness with a fierceness of focus in helping to change lives one day at a time.

Courage Reinstated In The Face Of Doubt!

It’s so easy to become comfortable with what we know…personally or professionally. To settle in vs. stretch out. My truth is three of the projects pulled me back to what I was truly an expert doing, even though I decided to leave those things behind and stretch towards the unknown trusting that my faith would guide me where my knowledge was short. I got comfortable. It was a mistake.

I almost let my dream die in the gap between where I USED TO BE versus where I am GOING. What was very comfortable for me and what scared the living daylights out of me. The known and the unknown.

My experience had already taught me things which led me to abandon what I used to do professionally and trust the plans which were being revealed to me for my future endeavors. Yet I didn’t listen to myself all the time. I got stuck…the familiarity, the fake fame, the empty fortune..all of that and more. One project in particular had me near tears after each interaction…I felt like I was walking through hell. It was then I recalled something I once heard Steve Harvey say “If you’re going through hell, why stop there? Keep going. Why would you stop in the midst of hell?” He also went on to talk about how often we “poison the well then complain about the water.” It was as if he was speaking to my very soul. I literally turned my car around, drove back home and called to resign from that toxic project – regardless of the impact it would have on my finances. What I learned in that experience is that sometimes my greatest strength comes in my weakest moments. I then recall a scripture my pastor daddy Rev. Smith often said which is “God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness.” I’m a living witness it happened to me that day and I’m forever grateful.

What’s My Lesson?

I lost my balance…immersing myself in these projects and literally having no time for the people in my life that I love nor the focus on my spiritual life as I once had…the very things I teach. While my “secondary food” i.e. the food I put into my body didn’t shift much, my “primary food” i.e. my relationships, love walk and overall spirit were totally off-balance. I knew this was the case when I literally craved sweets and I mean the REAL STUFF like jolly ranchers, blow pops and home-made caramel! It was BADDDDDD y’all and I knew then that I had to get back on track. You see it’s not always food that kicks us off balance and creates bad habits…sometimes it’s lack of balance in our relationships.

Fast Forward To Today!

Well, well, what’s up Rochelle? I’ll tell you what’s up: Three new mini programs developed as part of the Aw, Sugar lifestyle wellness platform. Yes, I dove back into ny new love like a long-lost relationship and haven’t stopped incorporating input and feedback from various groups and clients I have worked with regarding how to create a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle for those of you interested in living your best life NOW!

Before I talk about the first program I wanted to give you my perspective on this valuable lesson of “checking out of your own dreams to check into others.” This is especially important as we enter a new year and face setting many resolutions. I no longer allow myself to be led by FOMO, being a people pleaser or spending time where and when I don’t have a desire. I don’t place unrealistic expectations of perfection on myself anymore. Most of all, I don’t set “resolutions.” I will go deeper into my thoughts on that in my next post but the key thought I want to leave with you is as follows:

Life is a continuous process. Ever evolving. Why wait until a new year to decide to change an area of your life? What if you don’t live to the next year? Why not decide on ONE WORD which describes how you want to IMPROVE the way you live your life each and every day?  I heard a teaching on this idea and it was profound yet so simple. I will topline my thoughts in my next post but to give you an example, after this scattered, quantity over quality last four months I’ve decided my ONE WORD for 2019 is FOCUS. Everything I do will have to go through the sieve of FOCUS in my life. So instead of 10 resolutions which by mid January if I haven’t hit at least one or two then I simply walk away from them – I will honor myself and my ever evolving life by choosing to recall this ONE WORD – FOCUS – as the guiding light for all that I endeavor whether personal or professional.

The first program will focus on a mindset shift as well as a short seven-day smoothie detox to help you reset your body after a holiday season of indulgence. Why mindset? Why only seven days? Well, it’s a known fact that unless you change your mind you won’t change your habits. So the program will offer a five day of “mindset exercise” to help you get your mind ready to shift your habits. The seven-day smoothie component focuses on recipes which will totally detox your body in preparation for a healthier 2019. I chose seven days based on feedback from clients in beta testing — it gives you an introduction into the unrefined sugar-free lifestyle (using smoothies) and how it can make you feel.  Don’t worry I have two levels to this program so in case you cringe at the thought of only having smoothies for seven days no worry. There is a moderation which allows for eating a clean meal once a day in addition to the smoothies.

This program is valued at $99 but I have decided as my 2019 New Year’s gift to you for being loyal and hanging in there even when I disappeared – it’s yours for FREE! All you have to do is CLICK HERE to sign up if you’re not an active subscriber to my newsletter! If you’re already signed up for my newsletter you’re all set. Informaiton will come to your email automatically.

This first component of 2019 Aw, Sugar will be sent out in early February – this is to allow the “new year diet plan” clutter to settle down.  I’ve learned that many of us jump into new programs at the beginning of the year but by mid month the program – and our focus – wanes down a bit. This seven day “detox and reset” Aw, Sugar program is intended to be a LIFESTYLE SHIFT so it’s not “time of year” dependent.   In fact I ENCOURAGE you to consider doing this sort of mini mind/body reset at least once every three months to keep your wellness wagon going strong.

For now sugar, stay sweet!


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